Curating Content

Our client asked us for a content curation platform that would allow them to become a leader on the Spanish-speaking Internet. We made their dreams come true.

Our client had a rough idea and a clear ambition, but lacked the skillset to materialize it. Our role was to clarify their idea and execute it end-to-end. Our team developed the brand proposition and strategy, as well as designed and implemented a website with highly sophisticated automation and back-end technology.

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    Corporate Identity
    Back-end Technology
    PR & Marketing Creative


The Ambition

In order to help our client become a leading website around the world, we had to take a very entrepreneurial approach with this project.


We built the site from the ground up, focusing on the core technology that powers their website and back-end systems. The primary goal was to automate as much as possible, so that the editorial team could focus on publishing only the best content.


In addition to building the brand, website and technology, we also created a detailed marketing strategy with short and long term roadmaps to assist our client with meeting and exceeding their website traffic expectations.

Content Curation
Content Curation
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Content Curation
Content Curation